Industrial Machinery Purchase

There are many reasons why you no longer need a machine.

  • Your production has changed.
  • The machine was only needed for a special order.
  • You had to give up your business.
  • A more modern machine was purchased.

But no matter what reason you want to sell, a production line like yours is valuable for other entrepreneurs. You just have to find a suitable buyer.

We would like to support you in this.

We buy and sell internationally.

In an initial meeting we will clarify whether and where the machine can be sold. Some of the things that will be discussed in the first meeting

  • What are the model name and manufacturer of the machine?
  • What is the condition of the machine?
  • What is the year of manufacture of the machine?
  • Are there any modifications to the condition of the machine?
  • What are the dimensions of the machine?
  • When would be a good time for an on-site inspection of the machine?

Ideally, you should already have receipts / instructions ready.